Tuesday, March 24, 2015

US scientists have created a military camouflage invisibility of a particular protein squid – SoftSraze: actually and objectively

American chemists say that using a special protein squid, they were able to create a “stealth stickers” that make it possible to escape from the infrared cameras. His invention of engineers are going to present during the national conference of the American Chemical Society, and has published in the Journal of specialized Advanced Materials, transmits Science Daily.

The skin of squid contains cells iridophores, which has several layers of protein reflectin. With the help of mollusks have the ability to camouflage under the surrounding area, lying in wait for prey. A team of researchers led by Alon Gorodetsky, associate professor of chemical engineering and materials science at the University of California, produced the film reflectin on polymer substrates. They can be attached to uniforms. Scientists suggest inexpensive to produce rolls of film single use: they will be able to get out of the military backpacks, deploy, pasted on the form, and then removed and discarded.

Infrared detection sensors are widely used by the military for night surveillance, navigation and orientation. The novelty of this coating is its functionality in the near infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum, from about 700 to 1200 nanometers, which corresponds to the standard range of infrared imaging devices monitoring.

The group Gorodetskty configured specifically for the production of bacteria reflectin protein dense and covered the plate . However, to run the color changes (similar to those that occur on iridotsitah) requires a special mechanism. At first, scientists considered the possibility of using acetic acid vapor, but for actual combat conditions, the reagent is too fragile and insecure.

As a result, Gorodetsky has made films on polymer substrates reflectin: we are talking about public adhesive tape. Such films can be pasted on uniforms and camouflage function triggered mechanically – by stretching.

« Our approach is simple and compatible with a wide range of surfaces, potentially allowing to hide from the” infrared eyes “many objects », – said Gorodetsky. « Our long-term goal is to create a fabric that can dynamically change the texture and color to adapt to the environment – a task-level science fiction », – has ambitious plans for the scientist.

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